Saturday, April 4, 2015

A uniquely Kuching bird

Long-tailed Shrike at the Kambatik garden, Kuching.

Garden colours
 There's lots of excitement at the garden right now.  One bird that's uniquely Kuching has been hanging around the garden since we have been here about a fortnight ago.  The Long-tailed Shrike not only perches on the branches of the 'Kedondong' tree but often times seen resting on the Tabebuia rosea branches.  The garden is a pleasure to be immersed in.  The greenery is superb and is brightened by flowers and colourful foliages.  The presence of the Long-tailed Shrike has added a new list to the garden birds around our home in Kuching.  This adds another feather to the Kambatik's  cap.
'Kedondong' fruits (Spondias dulcis)

View of trees at the side garden - in the line-up are mango tree (left), Eugenia oleina with yellow- orange flushes, Tabebuia rosea tree (tallest tree ni the picture and the Pinang palm or Betel palm (Areca catechu ) on the righ, partly shown is the palm fronds.
4 April'15

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Brown-throated Sunbird at the Blood Banana

Brown-throated Sunbird at the Blood Banana inflorescence

Terminal inflorescence of the Blood Banana

Flowers after the rain

Plumeria acuminata

Bignonia magnifica
 The weather is Kuching on this visit has been rainy for most of the time.  It rains in the day as well as at night, though not as heavy as during the end of year monsoon rains.  As a result working in the garden tends to be cooler though the grounds are kept wet or damp most of the time in March.  There are many varieties of flowers that are featuring themselves now of which a few have been covered in the last posting.  To continue the series of flowering plants at the garden this month of March are the following.  Enjoy their beauty!
Senduduk (Malay) - Melastoma malabathricum
Ixora coccinea