Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Jambu Air tree is fruiting

Fruits of the 'Jambu Air' (Malay) - Syzium aqueum
My efforts at planting the Jambu Air plant at the Kambatik Park has bore fruits.  After about a two and a half years wait the tree is growing well in a location that is constantly wet because whenever there is heavy rain the place would receive flash floods.  It seemed obvious now that even under conditions of too much water, the tree is a survivor.  Occasionally I would cut the grass around the tree and once in a while provide it with fertiliser i.e. by digging deep into the ground for fear of being easily wasjhed away.  This planting is part of the edible landscaping concept or Sara Landskap.   This concept literally bears fruits!!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Physalis are a plenty

Ripe fruits of Physalis minima or 'Letup-Letup' in Malay.

There are plenty of ripe berries of the Physalis minima at the Kambatik Park right now.  I have identified a spot near the Butterfly Garden area suitable for planting the 'Letu-Letup'.  This plant though imported a few of years ago to the park seems to like the environment here and are 'self-propagating' naturally through its ripe seeds.  It requires very little maintenance though a good dose of fertiliser would surely make the stems stout and more fruit-bearing.  When available the berries make good menu for vegetable  salad for they taste very much like tomatoes (see below). 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Dedicated blog on the Kambatik garden in Kuching

Today, taking advantage of the fast speed internet in KL, I took half of the morning to beef up a new blog dedicated to the Kambatik garden in Kuching.  This blog compiles my earlier stories and images of the Kuching garden that could trace the development of the Malaysian garden project in Kuching.  The blog url is . Happy visiting the garden.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Reds in the garden

Red Cat's tails against Red sheaths of the Pinang Lakka in the background


Red Ti

Ripe fruits of the Carpentaria palm
Ixora coccinea

Hibiscus at the back garden

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Checking out the wildlife

Back garden showing new feather-like leaves of the Sea Cycas (Cycas rumphii) at center of picture
Location :  Back garden

 Came back to Kuching on the 29th of March ( the second time this month) for a short stay before embarking on a journey to KL.  Checking out the garden I noticed that the grounds are wet and this has been especially so for the last month.  It seemed that despite the drought in Peninsular states resulting in water shortage, Sarawak especially Kuching has had no similar nasty experience the first three months of the year. A short walkabout found the common wildlife are still there - birds, grasshoppers and dragonflies.  The Brown-throated Sunbird was seen piercing at the base of the Bignonia magnifica flower to have direct access to its nectar. The Chestnut Munia are easily spotted throughout the day as they busy making their homes in the garden especially at the bamboo clump.  Finally the typical Kuching bird - the Pied Triller was at the Tabebuia rosea tree perching briefly as if to greet me on my return.

Brown-throated Sunbird and the purple flower of the  Bignonia magnifica

Pied Triller at the Poui tree ( Tabebuia rosea)