Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top Hill Footpath completed

At last, the Top Hill Footpath is completed today.  The photos were taken late in the afternoon, i.e. about 4 pm and therefore there is a strong evening sun overcast on the footpath. Two species of the heliconias that I planted here are the psittacorum and the latispatha varieties.  In the picture below, towards the foreground on the right is the inflorescence of the Heliconia psittacorum which is commonly referred to as the parrot flower.This variety has yellow and pink bracts.

The stock for the parrot flowers above were taken from the valley section of the hill as shown clearly in the picture below.
On the  left side of the footpath in the picture below are planted the Heliconia latispatha.  This variety is indeed a pleasure to see and for that reason I have taken a close up view of the inflorescence.
Below is the CU view of Heliconia latispatha.  This variety has green colour at the tips of its bracts.
Total manhours for the Top Hill Footpath is 9 man hours.
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