Monday, October 28, 2013

The garden plants grows and birds sing..

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 Back in Kuchng on this 45th trip, we found the garden plants growing well and here's some early morning takes, the morning after we arrived Kuching from Bintulu last night.  Three birds have made their early morning calls.  The garden have produced a few fruits that can be consumed immediately.  More views of the garden and close-ups below.....
Fruits of the 'Kedondong' - Malay (Spondias dulcis) ..these can be juiced

Blood banana...

Fruits of the Carpentaria palm ....mainly for the birds

Star fruits - nice to eat raw or juiced

Bignonia magnifica

Orange flowers of the Chinese hat plant (Holmskioldia sanguinea)

Parrot flower or Heliconia psittacorum


Mussaenda hybrid

Scented flowers of the 'Sui Mui' (Chinese) - Wrightia religiosa

Variegated leaves of the Cordyline fruticosa species

 There will be more birds pictures that can be added here.  But suffice to catch a glimpse of these three early birds at the garden.  They add music to the place with their persistant calls throughout the day.  We will continue to watch them as the day progresses.....

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