Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Common garden birds

Asian or Philippines Glossy Starling.  These are adult birds. Resting on the branch of a Tabebuia rosea tree.

 The last two days was interesting.  I saw many common garden birds visiting the garden.  Chiefly among them were the noisy Philippines Glossy Starlings that gathered at the Tabebuia rosea trees and the Eugenia oleina trees.  They were kept busy by the fruiting Eugenia oleina trees.  The crowd of starlings were joined by many other species.  Others in the line-up were the Brown-throated Sunbird and Yellow-bellied Flowerpecker.
A female yellow-bellied Flowerpecker with a ripe Eugenia oleina fruit

A juvenile Philippines Glossy Starling

View of Kambatik garden, Kuching.
17 March'15

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