Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Birdwatching at the side garden

A small flock of Asian Glossy Starling perching on the Poui tree.

 Just this morning  I realise how many birds one can shoot just a step out into the garden.  Here is the list of common garden birds I saw this morning, two of which were seen busy building their nests, viz the Pipit ( Chestnut Munia) and the Tekukur (Spotted- necked Dove).  Both of them had their nest built in the bamboo thicket.  Then there was a small flock of Asian Glossy Starling seen roosting on the branches of the Poui tree (Tabebuia rosea).  Of exceptional beauty in contrast was the Orange-bellied Flowerpecker.  Its brilliant orange breast appears  striking against the green leaves.  In the line-up was the Pipit or Chestnut Munia, confidently building its nest by flying in and out of the bamboo thicket carrying dried specimens of leaves and grasses in its beak.  All in all, it was a fulfilling moment of birdwatching in the garden.
Tekukur - Spotted-necked Dove

Pipit (Chestnut Munia) bringing material for its nest
Orange-bellied Flowerpecker

Side garden showing the coconut leaves (bottom right), purple flowers of the woody vine Congea velutina (center) scrambling over the broad leaves of the Lumok tree ( Artocarpus odoratissimus)and bamboo clump (top left ) .

Side garden showing at the center , the tall branching  Poui tree (Tabebuia rosea)

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