Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nesting at the back garden

Back garden, view looking east
Taken 7 August'14

Pipit Rawa or Chestnut Munia
 I have been watching closely the Chestnut Munia that is working hard to build a nest at the back garden.  It is starting to bring in grasses from around the garden as material for the job.  Short grasses and long grass blades or stalks, all dried ones are slowly being weaved at the Eugenia oleina tree for home making by the Pipit Rawa (Malay) or Chestnut Munia.  It is clear that in urban settings the Chestnut Munia is  fairly comfortable living in close proximity to human habitations, provided humans take the trouble to plant suitable trees for them and not to catch, eat  or kill them.
Chestnut Munia with a long dried grass in its beak at the oleina tree.

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