Thursday, August 14, 2014

Olive-backed sunbird at banana heart

Banana inflorescence showing the banana heart (Jantung Pisang - Malay)

 The Malays have a nice word to refer to the heart of the banana - Jantung Pisang.  More images of the Jantung Pisang can be seen here  , showing  the wide varieties of food that can be created from this flowering head of the banana plant.  Today I got excited at photographing the Olive-backed Sunbird, a female of the species that came visiting the banana heart.  It was busy doing return trips to the heart to enjoy its nectar early in the morning.  The Olive-backed Sunbird has obtained a PR status at the garden here after it created its nest in the branches of the oleina tree  months ago.   It joins other birds that are fond of making nesst in the garden, namely the Chestnut Munia, Spotted-necked Dove and the Eastern Tree Sparrow.  Here's more images.....

Olive-backed Sunbird - Cinnyris jugularis  clinging to the banana heart

For more botanical knowledge on the banana heart, check it out here ..>>>>
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