Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pleasant welcome from Mussaenda Calcutta

Mussaenda Calcutta and Red Ti leaves provided a cheerful welcome to visitors of the gaarden.

Mussaenda Calcutta
 What a pleasant welcome to the garden on this 51st trip to Kuching.  The multi-coloured Mussaenda 'Calcutta' greeted us the morning after.  There are other plants of interest of which I'll blog in days later.  We are missing our Kuching garden greatly and I'm hoping to do lots more of maintenance works to the garden this time around in order to prime it up. The greenery was a real attraction and it seemed the mussaenda shrub had brightened the front side garden with its pastel yellow and mild orange colours.  The Red Ti (Cordyline terminalis) leaves were an attractive addition to the lively mood of the garden too....  So happy to be back in Kuching!
Front side garden - lots of greenery and colour

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