Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Thinning out the side garden

Side garden, next to car porch.

Blood Banana - against the sun
 The side garden next to the car porch needs thinning out.  This morning after the drizzle fizzles out I started to remove some plants that have overgrown unruly by the side garden.  Some of the plants have been hidden in plain sight are in  need to be exposed of their characteristics to be enjoyed.  The Blood Banana (Musa sumatrana) came out in dark red spots. Two varieties of the cordyline (Ti tree) showed how attractive leaves can be to enlighten the green wash.  The variegated leaves come in red, cream and bronze colours.
Variegated leaves of the Cordyline fruiticosa (Ti tree)
Synonymn : Cordyline terminalis
family : Agavaceae - Agave family

Red Ti or sometimes called Cordyline 'Fire Brand'

Blood Banana - Musa sumatrana
Family : Musaceae - Banana family

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