Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wildlife at the back garden and green thoughts

An everday sight at the back garden

Olive-backed Sunbird
 Staying close to nature is my favourite pastime. There are many side interests that enhance this experience like a hobby in wildlife photography, birding, painting, bloom hunting and gardening.  It does not matter whether you have a tiny plot of land in your urban house setting or a large space to work with.  There are ways to attract wildlife in all its diversity to call your garden home.  Don't worry excessively about climate change. since  this is a global phenomena that only your government can attempt to solve on G2G basis.  Do your little bit to solve the biodiversity issues by using your hands to create a little green eden around your immediate surrounding - your tiny spot in this big blue planet.  We can act as an individual to act on protecting biodiversity by having a garden space around where we sleep before the night curtains fall.  And when the morning breaks, go step outside the garden and enjoy the fresh air and leaves to refresh your eyes.  This is what is relevant at the local level , you as an individual can do to protect and encourage more wildlife and greenery in urban settings. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to solve the climate change problem. Just do what is relevant as an individual.  The birds, bees and butterflies need you. If there are not around  there will be no germination, no forests and clean air. So, start living naturally by  letting go your green fingers.  You'll be surprised to know along the way how you need the wildlife and greenery more than you could possibly  imagine.
Back garden - view from the kitchen.

Olive-backed Sunbird, male of the species

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