Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Forest Wonders behind my back door

The forest always amazes me. And I am so fortunate to have one right behind my back door. This is the kind of magnificence that I would like to retain in my eco-farm. Being an eco-friendly farmer, I must retain as much of the original jungle habitat as possible, for sustainability reasons. Therefore where possible vegetation islands are kept for posterity.

Like this Stag's horn fern ( Platycerium coronarium) that 's just above my head. It is more than six feet long, hanging its penduluous fronds and taking the appearance of the Stag's horn.

And this giant of a climber. It makes it a habit to turn and twist around this erect tree , reaching for a better view of the forest from upstairs, the fresh air it offers and lots of sunshine too. Isn't it not true of penthouse dwellers?

And on the ground level, Ati has to move slowly with his bush cutter to cut the 'resam 'thickets which are plenty here. Sometimes called bracken ( Gleichenia linearis) these terrestrial ferns are a formidable blanket that I need to push through to inch my way on the forest floor. More forest wonders coming.....

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