Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sassy Pink Footpath Project

This is Vegetation Island No.1. In this hill are tall original trees that constituted the jungle behind my chalet , about fifty meters away. In the far background is Vegetation Island No.2. The total area of these two vegetation islands are an acre and a half in size. These two small hills and the valleys around them make up the area to be developed as Heliconia Valley. But one thing at a time. Today I shall focus on the first footpath to be cleared i.e. the sassy pink footpath in respect to the beauty and splendour of heliconia 'sassy pink' species.

The above is a view from the south-east. Observe the tall trees that have been there hundreds of years ago, and recently introduced ones like the oil palm tree, coconut tree and banana trees that occupy the lower section of the hill. My equipments and tools are temporarily parked at the valley floor in the foreground.

This morning ( 23 June) my project involves the demarcation of the footpath as above, which follows closely the contours of the hill. All dead leaves, humus, branches and twigs are swept towards the sides of the footpath. At present the footpath shall remain earthen for budgetary reasons.

View from the west. A clump of yellow bamboo provides shade and marks the western entrance to the sassy pink footpath ahead.

View from the west, half way along the footpath . Ati ( in blue coverall) is busy clearing the undergrowth using a bush cutter in the far background, somewhere in the middle section of the hill.

View from the east. I had the honour, delight and fun doing instant transplanting of this tall stand of heliconia' sassy pink' to mark completion of Phase I of the 'Sassy Pink Footpath. Total time taken to complete the works was 10 manhours, myself and Ati included.
In the next posting I will describe the wonders we discovered while clearing the undergrowth.

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