Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Licuala Palm

I have always make it a point to preserve this native licuala palm called Licuala spinosa. It is extremely difficult to see one with leaves about a meter long in width like the one in this picture. They prefer to hide from the direct sun as they get bleached easily. I have seen it bear fruits once, but it so difficult to propagate it because it takes more than half a year for the seeds to grow into seedlings, if you are lucky. Normally I forget where I germinated them because of the unduly long time frame and my age catching up!

Well, what do you do if you have a clump around your back door? I tried my creativity. Took a piece of rotten tree trunk that was hollow and stood it up. Then I trimmed the huge leaves to match the size of the tree trunk 'plant container' and iin an instant I had created a unique display , very raw, basic, but all the while speaking to me, my senses and make me sing .....Windmills of your mind.

'Windmills of your mind' in silhouette, and taken with a clear background below.

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