Sunday, November 10, 2013

Side and back garden

Back garden - showing the Cassia alata leaves at left and red flowers of the Ixora coccinea at right

 The Laman Kambatik (Malay) or Kambatik garden is providing much shade, greenery and colours now.  It has developed a micro-climate attracting many birds, butterflies, bees and various insects.  Its bio-diversity network is broadened.  Indeed on this trip I was especially pleased with the behaviours of a nesting couple of the Olive-backed sunbird of which I have blogged in previous postings.  Below are some pictures of the back and side garden.  I have included the Perling bird which I saw this afternoon having a rest on the Tabebeuia rosea branch.

Coconut trees at left and in background is the Mango tree
At center is the Starfruit tree and at right is the White chempaka (Michelia alba)

Side garden - looking south
At left is durian tree and right is the Kedondong tree, with lots of fruits

A Perling bird resting on the branch of the Tabebuia rosea tree...

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