Monday, November 11, 2013

The nesting pair stays at the garden

Male Olive-backed sunbird (left)  and female at right...on the "Lumok" leaves (Artocarpus odoratissimus Blanco)

 The Malays call the tree as "Terap" and the Bintulu Melanaus call it "Lumok".  the Lumok tree is planted at the side garden facing south.  It has grown to about 7 meters now.  The Olive-backed sunbird couple is seen resting and perching on its broad leaves often to have a commanding view of their nest.  I noticed this whole week that the nesting pair is very frequently seen around the nest area.  The female flies very regularly to visit and then hide in the nest.  It would appear to me that she could have laid eggs already.  Unfortunately I would not have time to see them hatch because tomorrow we'll be on the way back to Bintulu.  Whatever it is this visit has been most memorable for the chance it has given us to witness the pair building their nest and then making use of it for its intended puropose i.e. to lay eggs.  I wish more chicks will be borne in our garden in future.

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