Sunday, November 3, 2013

The male Olive-backed Sunbird

Male Olive-backed Sunbird
Female Olive-backed Sunbird
 The male sunbird had a watching brief over the nest area.  It gave out repeated calls to the female and soon after the female bird appeared with a mouthful of feathers to the nest.  It rested on a branch close by before attempting to make a direct approach to the nest.  She carefully placed the feathers in the nest.  It seemed to me that the feathers would made good bedding material.  After she placed the feathers she rested on a branch outside the nest to swipe her beak on the twig and then had a little rest from a busy afternoon schedule (see picture at the inset left).

Approaching the nest with a mouthful of feather...
At the nest entrance ready to place the feather inside...
Placing the feather....

View of front garden...from outside the fence, looking north.
3 Nov'13
Planting of tall palms and Eugenia oleina trees at back garden..looking south
Planting of Eugenia oleina trees and yellow bamboo at back garden, corner side..looking south.

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